Hike the Road Least Traveled

On Sunday we finally checked “The Bridge to Nowhere” hike in the majestic San Gabriel Mountains off our To-Do List.


The 10-mile (5 miles each way) trek isn’t a tough one. It’s easy to moderate; just long! Think: A gratifying 7 hours of your feet trapped in hiking boots and socks! Stinky yes, but way worth it. Why?

We followed our heart and the San Gabriel river. We broke the rules just a little to create a more meaningful workout and a deeper connection to the nature surrounding us.


No, we didn’t bungy jump off the Bridge to Nowhere. Everyone is already doing it, and/or has already done that. Rather, after the five-mile delightful schlep through some seriously stunning verdant foliage (that literally makes us forget for a few hours that there is indeed still a drought) and a little picnic lunch, we decided to return our own way. Rather than return the five miles we came along the hike’s dedicated path, we decided instead that we’d follow along and through the river. Soaked socks and shoes were no barriers for us!


Literally, we squatted, lunged, long-jumped and pull-upped through steep and slippery bedrock, calf-high rapids and precariously narrow bends. Our cores were masterfully engaged, our balance was life-depending in check, and our weight distributed off our knees as we slipped along past deer prints, stink beetles, gold panners, and an incredible trio of longhorn sheep.


By the end, our legs were like mush, our butts tight and sore, and our feet soaked and muddy. A Sunday workout to remember and feel tomorrow! It felt amazing to trust nature and our gut with an alternative, adventurous return. And of course, we couldn’t resist destroying all that hard work with an indulgent beer and burger! Next time, Dear Discipline. Next time!