How Pilates Can Power Up Your Athletic Performance

Are you an athlete who is looking to boost your performance? Whether you’re an athlete in the gym pumping iron, outside pounding the pavement, or working on your warrior pose, you may be looking for something to give you a bit of an upper hand.

We have just the thing–Pilates. Trust us, this is not just a trendy fitness fad; it could seriously revolutionize your game in all of your athletic endeavors. 

Pilates started back when a man named Joseph Pilates created this workout to help soldiers and dancers recover from their injuries. The original method that Mr. Pilates created years ago has evolved into something quite incredible today that extends far beyond simply recovery. 

Pilates can boost your athletic performance while also toning your body in ways you didn’t know possible and boosting your mental health, too. 

How does Pilates do this? Let’s dive in. 

Pilates for Athletic Performance

Strengthens core

If you’ve ever taken a Pilates Platinum class, then chances are good you felt it in your core for days after. That’s because Pilates is all about hitting those hard-to-reach deep core muscles, the ones that exist under your six-pack. 

Pilates is a safe and ideal way to strengthen your abs, back, and your pelvic floor. What does this mean for you as an athlete? It means more power, better balance, and reduced chance of injury. 

Enhance flexibility

Unless you’re a yogi, your flexibility could likely use some help. Enter Pilates. This class isn’t just about stretching, it’s about finding the place where your body is flexible and limbered up: but strong, too. 

This is great for athletic performance, as it helps you to be faster, more agile, and have a greater range of motion. 

Improves posture

It’s no secret that since smartphones entered the chat, our posture has gone downhill. Ever heard of tech neck? You’re lucky if you don’t have it. 

Pilates is amazing when it comes to reversing all that damage that looking down at your phone and computer does to you. It helps to realign your neck and body and promotes good posture too. You may be surprised to learn that posture is important for athletes, but it is key to boosting performance. 

Aids in recovery

There’s a reason that Pilates is part of many rehab protocols, and it’s because it’s low-impact, gentle, and focused on controlled movements. 

Pilates is the queen of strengthening weak spots and balancing out your muscles. This means that it helps prevent you from getting hurt, and in the rare case you do get hurt, Pilates will get you on the road to recovery much faster. 

Provides variety

Being stuck in a workout rut is no fun. You get to a point where you are forcing yourself to do it, and it starts to feel like a chore. If you’re an athlete, you really understand this feeling. 

That’s where Pilates comes in as a way to give you some variety in your workouts (along with all the above benefits, too). By switching up your regimented routine and adding some Pilates in, you’ll find you have more fun moving your body. 

Wrapping it up

So if you’re looking ot boost your athletic performance, it might be time to try out a Los Angeles Pilates class.

A stronger core, better flexibility, improved posture, higher body awareness, fewer injuries, and more fun are all great reasons to make time for Pilates in your life.

Try a Pilates Platinum class at one of our six locations near you today!