5 Reasons Why Pilates is Great For Men, Too

When you glance into a Pilates class in L.A., chances are good the majority of the people on the machines are women.

While we love all the ladies that come to our Pilates Platinum studio, we also love when the guys make it in for class too.

Though women make up the majority of clients in our Los Angeles Pilates studio, we are seeing more and more men show up to classes, and are beyond thrilled about it.

Because guess what? Pilates is a great workout for men, too.

After all, Pilates was created by a man, and the Lagree method that we teach at Pilates Platinum was also developed by a man, Sebastian Lagree.

The Pilates approach to health and wellness is fabulous for both women and men, but since women are the ones most often associated with it, today we are going to put the spotlight on the guys, and take a look at why men stand to benefit a great deal from going to Pilates.


Why Guys Will Love Pilates

1. Building Core Strength

Sure doing sit-ups for hours on end will eventually get you abs. But why not cut to the chase, and do more than build surface-level abs while you’re at it?

With Pilates, you will be able to build a core like you never imagined.

How is that?

Well, unlike something like sit-ups at the gym that focuses solely on your abs, nearly every single move you do in every Pilates class incorporates your abs.

So even when you are focusing your attention on legs during say, an elevator lunge, you are still using your core.

Essentially, your core never gets a break in Pilates.

Not only does this make Pilates great as a stand-alone exercise, but it also makes it a great one to incorporate into a cross-training plan that involves other types of exercise, as well as sports.


2. Improves Flexibility

Though it is not always the case, men tend to not be as flexible as women. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be.

And Pilates can help in a way that feels comfortable.

We are not talking flexibility in the sense of being able to contort yourself into strange positions — we mean flexibility in the sense of being able to exercise with greater ease, and go about your day more comfortably.

Pilates is at the top of the list for exercises that can increase your range of motion and flexibility.

This is great for both men and women because it helps prevent injuries as well as keep you from straining your muscles too much.


3. Develop Muscles You Didn’t Know You Had

When you go to the gym, chances are good you’re working set groups of muscles. You know what you want to build, so you focus your attention on that — it makes perfect sense.

In addition, your daily movements tend to be the same, so you are building the same muscles there day after day.

Pilates, however, challenges you to work muscles you have never worked before — and chances are good they are muscles you didn’t even know you had.

This is why you should welcome and love the Pilates shake when it shows up — it means you are working muscles to their absolutely maximum. That is something that is a rare occurrence at the gym, but is an everyday event in Pilates class.


4. Builds Focus

Pilates is not one of those exercises you can mindlessly perform. You can’t just plug in your headphones and go through the motions without thinking about what it is you’re doing.

Pilates requires serious focus and concentration to not only make sure you’re doing the exercise correctly, but to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

Similar to yoga, Pilates centers a lot around breathing, so your attention will be dedicated to that as well.

Trust us, you are going to love taking the break from all the stresses of daily life to not only work your body out in Pilates, but to also give your mind a break and focus only on what is happening right in front of you, right now.


5. Overall Increased Strength

Do not be fooled by the slow movements in Pilates — that does not mean they are easy. In fact, they are far from easy.

Many people tout the Lagree method of Pilates as the hardest workout they’ve ever done.

Whether you’re a runner, a weightlifter, a dancer, a football player, etc., any type of physical activity you participate in will be that much better when you are coupling it with Pilates.

Between the core work, building the muscles around your hips, your lower back, your pelvis, practically every part of your body, your muscles will be able to work better together in whatever activity you choose to do.


Next time you think Pilates is just for women, think again. More and more men are coming to this realization, and are in Pilates Platinum studios building their best bodies.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your first Pilates Platinum class today for the price of just $10, and we guarantee this first class won’t be your last.