Why Pilates is the Ideal Workout for Cross Training

Do you ever feel like you get stuck in a rut with your workouts? This tends to happen when you are focusing all your attention on one type of workout, and not switching things up. Maybe you’re exclusively running, or weight lifting, or doing yoga. No matter what it is, there is going to be a point at which you think “I’m bored.”

And that’s where cross training comes in. Cross training is a fancy way of saying that you mix up your exercises to have some variety. By doing this, you really up your chances of sticking to your workouts because you won’t reach burnout or boredom. 

And Pilates is the ideal workout to mix with others. 

Why is this? Read on to find out. 

Why You Should Do Pilates for Cross-Training

1. It reduces the risk of injury

Pilates works to strengthen your core and your body as a whole so that you are less likely to get injured. This workout serves as a great way to strengthen the weak parts of your body so that everything works in balance. 

Additionally, Pilates is a low-impact workout which makes it a very safe way to exercise. And it also is the ideal way to improve the alignment in your body, which is something that allows your body to perform better in workouts, and in just everyday life. 


2. Stronger core

Pilates is one of the best ways to build your core muscles in a safe and healthy way. 

And because your core is involved in nearly every exercise you do, you stand to gain a lot by building your core in PIlates and using that added strength in your other exercises. 


3. Ability to move body as one

One of our favorite things about Pilates is that it is great with working individual muscles, but it also teaches you how to move your body as one piece.

You stand to gain a lot from this during cross training, especially with exercises such as running that require more than just your legs to do safely. 


4. Helps with mind-body connection

Chances are good you’ve heard your Pilates Platinum instructor talk about mind-body connection, as it is central to the practice of Pilates.

In order to complete the exercises correctly, you need to focus your attention on which muscles to highlight, and which ones to put to the back burner. This is great practice for other exercises where you need to focus your attention on your form and how you’re doing the workout in order to get the most bang for your buck. Think weightlifting: there is far more than just your legs and your arms working here, and keeping your mind connected to your body will ensure you lift weights outside of Pilates class correctly. 


5. Improves breathing

Because Pilates movements are meant to be done as slowly as possible, it is important that you get your breathwork down. You certainly cannot hold your breath during each and every pose. Thus, by practicing your breathwork in Pilates, you will benefit once you step outside of class. 

Having correct breathing patterns when working out will allow you to push yourself further and get the maximum benefits of your workout. Think running: if you breathe incorrectly, you will likely find yourself with a side ache and the inability to complete your running. Pilates will teach you proper, deep breathing techniques that will help you in more than just your other exercises, but in all of life. 


Are you ready to try Pilates with your other workouts?

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