Pilates Platinum Client Feature: Martha Kirby

On top of being one of our amazing clients, Martha Kirby is a Digital Marketing Professional and Creative living in Los Angeles, California. She founded Lead Like Her with hopes of providing a platform for creative, independent women to tell their stories, inspire others, and drive change in society. This idea has continued to grow and evolve into web content, local events, and other collaborative projects.


(Photo Credit: Nathalie Kossek)

Read on to learn more about Martha!

What inspired you to go to Pilates Platinum?

I have always been a highly athletic person – someone who is always looking for the most fun and effective workout – so when I learned about Pilates Platinum, I knew I had to try it.

Any tricks on getting yourself out of the house and into the studio?

I make sure to purchase class packs and schedule my classes days or weeks in advance. This motivates me to show up and make the most out of every session.

What other fitness routines have you tried, and what makes you stick with PP?

I regularly take dance and yoga classes, and also enjoy cycling, running, and hiking. I was even a circus performer for over ten years. Basically, I have done it all, and I can honestly say that I have never achieved the instant results I have seen with Pilates Platinum.

Hardest move?

Moon Walk

Favorite move?

Spider Kicks

Who’s your favorite instructor and why?

Mikael Padilla. His classes are high-energy and allow students to achieve their fitness goals quickly. He was also my first Pilates Platinum instructor and made sure that I was familiar with the equipment and maintained correct form throughout class.

How have you seen your body change since starting PP?

I have only been attending Pilates Platinum for a few weeks, however I can already see drastic changes in my body. I feel stronger and have new, leaner muscles from my forearms to my obliques.

Do you do any other workouts in conjunction with PP?

In addition to Pilates, I enjoy SoulCycle, hiking, running, dance, and yoga.

What is your fitness goal at the end of the day?

My goal is to craft a long lean body with stronger, more defined muscles.

Favorite studio location and why?

Venice is my go-to studio. I live just a few blocks away!

Thanks, Martha! Stay tuned for another client feature next month!