Journaling for Self-Love

Self-love is arguably the most challenging love you will ever experience in your life but it is also the most important love. It’s impossible to truly love others unless we love ourselves first. 


But, that self-love is easier said than done, isn’t it? Some days it feels like it’s easy to love yourself and other days it feels like an uphill battle. That’s oftentimes because we are making that self-love conditional. We are choosing how much we love ourselves based on the way our body looks, on our relationship status, on our career, and more.

But true self-love isn’t conditional. True self-love exists regardless of whether you got that job or whether that guy texted you back. 


So how do you get there? There are many different ways you can achieve self-love. One of them is through meditation. Another is through breathwork. Both of these practices take you deeper than the surface of your everyday life and into the true you, where that self-love can start to build. 


A third way to get to a place of self-love is via journaling. The act of journaling gives you a way to celebrate yourself and find gratitude in your life. By improving your relationship with yourself, you improve your relationship with others. It’s a win-win situation so there’s no reason not to try.


To help you in your journaling journey, we are sharing some prompts that can help guide you to a place of self-love that you and everyone else in your life can enjoy the benefits of. 

Self-love journal prompts

Find a quiet place where you can be alone, grab a journal and a pen, and get writing. 


  • Write a love letter to yourself


  • What about yourself makes you proud?


  • What is a challenge you’ve faced? How did you overcome it?


  • What growth in your life are you the proudest of?


  • What is stopping you from loving yourself completely?


  • When do you feel your most authentic self? And how can you make that feeling happen more often?


  • What parts of yourself do you already love? Why?


  • What parts of yourself are more of a challenge to love? Why?


  • What makes you feel energized? How can you create more of those feelings?


  • What is something that you consider a weakness? Now dig deep into how that weakness may actually be a strength.