Healthy Tips for Managing Stress

You may have thought that the stress would be over as things started to open back up post-quarantine. However, now that we are in that phase, you may find that your stress is still there, just different. Your stress may have morphed into a different kind of stress than you felt in quarantine, and chances are good you don’t want to be dealing with either kind of stress.

Don’t worry – we are here to help. There are some great ways to manage stress, and today we are sharing them with you. Read on for our top tips on dealing with stress in your life, regardless of what’s causing it.

1. Create a to-do list

Some of you may find that being able to see everything you need to get done for the day helps to keep your stress levels low. Only worry about what you see in front of you and anything else is tomorrow’s problem.

To-do lists are especially helpful for super busy people. They give you a quick visual of what you need to do and allow you to reference something throughout the day so you can make sure everything else gets done.

Have fun with it and get yourself a fun notebook and fun markers or pens to dress it up. Since you’re going to be looking at it every day, you might as well make it look fun and motivating. 

2. Journal

Don’t be intimidated by this one – even if you are not a writer, you will get some benefits from journaling. No one needs to read this, so you are only writing it for yourself. You can choose to use your journal to vent about the things that are stressing you out. You can choose to use your journal to write a motivational note to yourself. You can choose to use your journal to just share your thoughts for the day. Or you can choose all three.

However you use your journal, try to make it a daily thing. That’s where you’ll see the best benefits. 

3. Move your body

Of course, we are huge fans of using exercise to manage stress, but it’s not just us that finds it helpful. Studies show that one of the best ways to combat stress is to get your body moving. That can mean a Pilates class, a HIIT class, or something as gentle as a nice walk or yoga. 

This is a great way to help distract you from your stress for a little bit, and you also get the bonus of endorphins.

4. Meditate

Meditation has been growing in popularity over the last few years and it’s not just because it looks cool when you do it. Meditation is actually proven to help combat stress. 

However, if you’ve ever tried to meditate, you’ve likely discovered that it is not as easy as you’d like it to be. The mind naturally wanders and it takes time and patience to get it back on track. 

If the traditional form of meditation is something that you’re comfortable doing, great! If not, don’t worry – meditation doesn’t always look the same. Here are some other ways to meditate.

5. Confide in someone you trust

Sometimes when you’re stressed you just need to get some of your thoughts and feelings off your chest. That’s where a trusted friend or family comes in. Find a person with who you feel comfortable sharing these feelings, and who you think will help you feel better. Talking things out is sometimes all you need to realize your stress wasn’t worth it. 

6. Learn your stressors

Sometimes stress is just unavoidable. Take a canceled flight, for example. That will immediately cause stress in nearly everyone. However, if stress is part of your everyday life, take a look at what may be causing you to feel stressed.

Is it work? If so, consider changing the way you work or even getting a new job. Is it a relationship you’re in? Consider getting help to work through the issues, or consider getting out of the relationship.

Learning your stressors is a major step in the right direction of managing your stress.