The Benefits of a Hot Girl Walk

You’ve probably seen them on Instagram and TikTok and may have pondered for a moment what a hot girl walk is. 

Today, we are sharing what exactly makes a hot girl walk different than any other kind of walk, and why you should be on top of your hot girl walk game.

What is a hot girl walk?

A hot girl walk (HGW) stems from TikTok. This trend was technically started by @exactlylikeothergirls, but we have to credit @tinx for making it a widespread trend with her rebrand. Tinx calls it a rich mom walk, but it is, in essence, the same as a HGW.  


As far as we are concerned, we think any walk where you’re channeling your inner hot girl (a.k.a confidence) can be deemed a HGW, but it turns out there are more “rules” to this specific kind of walk than we thought. 

How to do a hot girl walk

According to the creator of hot girl walks, here is what you need to make it officially a HGW, not just a regular walk.


Walk for 4 miles. This specific distance allows you to really get deep into your walk both mentally and physically. Four miles may sound like a lot, but once you get your confidence going and start walking, it will fly by. 


Listen to a vibey playlist. As much as you may love podcasts on your walks, @exactlylikeothergirls’ hard and fast rules state that hot girl walks are not the time for podcasts. Instead, they are the time for a playlist that makes you feel your hottest and most confident. (If you don’t have one of those, it’s time to stop what you’re doing and make one now.)


Limit your thoughts. Hot girl walks are supposed to spark positivity in your day and in your life. Thus, according to the rules, while on a hot girl walk you’re only supposed to think about gratitude, how you can keep up your confidence, and any goals you want to set for yourself. 

The benefits of a hot girl walk

Walking is our second favorite form of exercise (behind Pilates, of course). It requires zero equipment, is low-impact, free, and boasts all kinds of benefits. 


Here are some of the top things you gain from walking every day. 


Increased energy. When you feel that afternoon slump hit, instead of grabbing for yet another dose of caffeine, put your shoes on and head out for a walk. Even if you only have 15 minutes, that’s all you need (but if you have more time, try to go for the full 4-mile HGW). Movement such as this helps to get your blood flowing again, which increases energy. 


Improved mood. Because you’re out and about moving, a walk releases endorphins, which can help you get out of a bad mood. 


Inspiration. If you feel like you’re in a rut with a work project or any kind of creative thing you’re working on, walks are shown to help boost creativity. So rather than feel frustrated that you can’t get in the creative zone, head out for a walk instead, and chances are good you’ll come back feeling inspired. 


Boosted immune system. Studies show that walking 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week will result in 43% fewer sick days than people who only make it out on a walk or exercise once a week. Further, if you do end up getting sick, you will get better faster. 

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