Why Slow is the Way to Go in Pilates

When you think of most forms of exercise, you think of things that have you moving fast.

Running fast, jumping fast, spinning fast, and more.

However, Pilates is definitely an exception to that mindset. In the Lagree method, everything is all about moving slowwwww.

“Slow and controlled” is a phrase you’ll likely hear a lot in your Pilates Platinum classes. Though you may not be sure why.

Here, a look at why taking things slow in Pilates is the way to get that lean bod we are all after.

On-Point Form

By moving slow, you are ensuring that your form is correct. And this is one of the most important parts of Pilates. Correct form doesn’t only ensure that your muscles are getting the optimum workout, it also ensures that you don’t injure yourself.

The slower you go, the more you are able to focus your attention on the correct placement of your legs, your hips, your shoulders, and so on. Your instructor is there to help guide you and help you with your form, but it’s also up to you to do your part.

Build Strength

When you move slow in your class, you are targeting each muscle group separately, which allows you to get into the strength-building zone. And this is where you will see the Pilates shake come into play. When you start this shake, you know you are building your muscle strength, and this only happens when you are “slow and controlled.”

Less Tension

Slow movement in Pilates allows you to take note of where you are holding tension in your body. For most, this tends to be in the neck, back, and shoulders. With slow movement, you are able to realize this, and fix it before you do some serious damage.

Focus on keeping your head lifted, your shoulders down, and your lower back supported so that you stay safe and do not injure yourself.

Burn Fat

The other benefit of taking things slow in Pilates is that the slower you move, the more you are getting into the fat-burning zone. And this is where we would all like to be. We are not here just to build muscle — we are also here to burn fat and slow and steady is the key to this.

You will notice the movements in Pilates seem much harder when you do them slowly, and that’s the point — you want to feel the difference you are making in your body.

Rid of Momentum

So much exercise that we do is fueled by momentum. Think: running on a treadmill. However, with Pilates Platinum classes, when you are moving slow, you are taking out the element of momentum and thus are building your muscles even more.

Less Sore Muscles

Ever notice how when you do a really intense workout your muscles are insanely sore the next day? Sometimes to the point where you can’t even move? Though you will certainly be sore from Pilates, it will not be to the extent that you experience in other workouts.

Why is this?

Because you did not overstress the muscle, which means that you will not be dealing with a lactic acid buildup, which then leads to sore muscles.

More Concentration

Because you have to move slowly in Pilates, you are focusing harder on the movements you are making. This helps to improve your concentration, which is great for your mind. The more concentrated you are on Pilates, the more you’re able to give your brain a break from the stresses of life and focus all your attention on what is going on right here, right now.

Deeper Core Workout

Slow means engaging more of your core throughout the entire workout, and who doesn’t want fabulous abs? When you move slowly, you are able to bring into play your core and build those muscles while you are working your arms and your legs.

These are just the highlights as to why you want to move slow in your Pilates class, and now it’s time for you to learn some of the reasons yourself.

Sign up for your first Pilates Platinum class today for just $10. We bet you’ll be hooked on the “slow and controlled” method and we look forward to your great experience.