Pilates for Life: How Lagree Is The Ideal Workout For All Ages

The fitness world is more active than ever, and in the midst of this drive for improved health has emerged one of (if not the) most effective and dynamic workouts: Lagree Pilates.

And guess what? 


It’s great for all ages. 


That may come as a surprise, but Lagree isn’t just for the perfectly fit 20-year-olds out there. It can be great for teens, young adults, middle-agers, and seniors. 


It just may look a bit different depending on what life phase you’re in. 


Let’s dive into how the versatile Lagree Pilates can fit into your life and help you reach your health and fitness goals, no matter what life stage you’re in. 


Though children may be a bit too young to hop on these machines, we are all about teens trying their hands at the Lagree method. It can serve as a great foundation for teens to build healthy habits and get some solid base strength. 


And it can be fun! Teens are always looking for new activities to keep their racing bodies and minds busy, and Lagree is a great one to add to the list. Pilates classes that are targeted towards a younger age group bring the opportunity to incorporate some play to keep them engaged. And it comes with the bonus of boosting flexibility, providing a workout, and strengthening that mind-body connection. 

Young adults

When the transition into young adulthood begins, it is key to build and maintain strength that you will hopefully carry with you your entire life. But we also know the reality that this phase of life is often very busy and doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for long workouts. 


That’s where Lagree really shines. All you need is less than 1 hour to get in some strength-building that will blow your mind. It’s the perfect workout for those with busy schedules and not a whole lot of time to dedicate to exercise. 


Plus, young adults will love the strength this workout provides, along with the added flexibility and surprising cardio exercise that doesn’t require running for 5 miles.

Prenatal and Postnatal adults

Exercise can be tricky when you’re pregnant and right after your pregnancy. Your body is experiencing many different things, and keeping your baby safe is a top priority. However, so is keeping your body and mind healthy and happy!


Enter Lagree Pilates. This low-impact workout is a fabulous way for expecting moms and new moms to find some movement without putting their bodies at risk of an overly strenuous workout. 


During pregnancy, always be sure to let your instructor know that you’re pregnant so he or she can modify movements for you to keep you and your baby safe. 


And once you’re postnatal, you’ll find you really love how Lagree can help you rebuild your core strength and help you recover from birth more quickly. 

Middle-aged adults

Anyone who has experienced this phase of life (or is currently there) knows that this can be a stressful time of life. Many middle-aged adults find themselves dealing with a great deal of stress, and when that happens, oftentimes, exercise is the first thing that gets thrown to the curb. 


We are here to help you change that. When you’re stressed, physical movement becomes even more important. It serves as a great way to blow off some steam, and it promotes mindfulness, as you’ve got to be very present in the moment in order to perform this workout correctly. 


On top of that, Lagree is the best low-impact workout that still really challenges your body (in all the right ways, of course). This is great as you age and find that your joints may not be working as well as they used to. Lagree is gentle on your joints, while still giving you the results that you’re hoping for (and more!). 


We also love the core strength that Lagree builds (trust us – it’s unlike any other workout), as that is key to balance and overall health as you age. 


Because Lagree is a workout that’s packed with slow and controlled movements, it makes it ideal for seniors who aren’t looking for a fast-paced workout that will leave them burned out. 


Those slow, controlled movements also boost stability and core strength, which are great for maintaining balance and preventing falls. And the workout helps maintain bone density, which is a common issue for people in this age group. 


As a senior, you’ll find Lagree Pilates offers a wide range of benefits that help keep your overall well-being in a great place that has you feeling happy, healthy, and energized.

Wrapping it up

As you can see, Lagree Pilates is for (almost) everyone. This workout provides great benefits regardless of what phase of life you find yourself in. 


It’s not only a great way to boost your fitness and keep your physical health in tip-top shape, but it’s also a fabulous holistic approach to fitness that also incorporates mindfulness and presence. 


By making Lagree Pilates a part of your life throughout your life, you set yourself up for a healthy, sustainable, and fun fitness journey to enjoy now, and in the future. 


Try Lagree Pilates for yourself at a Pilates Platinum near you today!