Yes, I Can!

This week we give a big FU to the ‘No, I Can’ts’ in Life!

Good morning and happy Monday!

While laying in bed, ensconced in Parachute bedding and savoring those last moments before getting up to conquer the day, we watched this brilliant, inspiring 3-minute trailer. It’s for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and is created as an ad spot for/by the UK’s Channel 4. What’s particularly powerful and motivating is that video features not only athletes with physical challenges but also non-athletes who are everyday people playing in bands, flying planes, tap dancing, ballroom dancing, singing and raising their families — 140 superhumans to be exact.

maxresdefault were_the_superhumans_tbcf6f212-8be1-4f84-b066-8d89c796d517Click Image to view video

The Sammy Davis Jr. meet Frank Sinatra-inspired track is downloadable here. We love that all profits going to the British Paralympic Association.

Today and this week we are consciously turning all of the ‘No, I can’ts’ into ‘Yes, I can!’ Join us!