Women Rock (We Know This Though, Right!?)

Women-owned businesses make us very happy. We’re one after all! That said, we love supporting small businesses and those businesses created and run by women…because well, Women Rock!

This early morning, while taking a moment to Be — you know, take in and be thankful for what’s around us before getting up to kick the day’s butt — we took note of a few fellow women entrepreneurs who are help make our days and nights pretty darn amazing.

We didn’t have to look far to create a list of 4 fabulous ladies who’ve created products that we feel quite grateful to indulge in after a long day, and equally, are comforted by when jump starting the next big one!



Sleep & Wake
Ariel Kaye of Parachute has been bringing it to us day and night since we first began sleeping within the gentle hug of our linen Venice set (in blush!). A good night’s sleep is so critical to our inner strength and endurance when we awaken each morning for a just-after-sunrise run on the beach. Watching them grow with new colors and an expanding home line has been pretty inspiring. And now, we’re especially loving that Ariel has opened a brick & mortar Parachute showroom close to our own Venice studio.



Face the Sun
Bella Schneider is a woman we trust our face with. She’s not your typical aesthetician-turned guru with a spa and cool, extensive line of products (she’s the creator of the 24-karat liquid gold facial, after all), she’s got her own Palo Alto-based laboratory too. We don’t leave the house without applying her brand spanking newest product, Oliofix SPF 33,  and have long loved her at home Glow Facial Kit. As lucky early testers of the Oliofix, our only complaint is that the bottle isn’t bigger, as we’ve been using the gentle coverage on our scalp, chest and shoulders too!



Feed Me
Lisa Odenweller has been nourishing our bodies since 2013 shortly after she opened her first Beaming organic superfood cafe. Since then, her gluten and dairy free snacks have found their way into our kitchen and our purses. We’re also fans of her cleanses, and how informed she and her staff are with their food-as-medicine approach. She’s been an incredible inspiration and influence in how to grow and scale a business! We are such fans of those who channel their corporate experience into something awesomely mindful for local communities to enjoy.


Fashion Forward
Lauren Balefsky’s Onzie line of chic, super comfortable yogawear quite possibly take up a significant portion of our closet. We love her close knit relationship with her parents were literally her dad guided her to be happy and her mom pushed her to make her passion her career. That speaks volumes to us and the Pilates Platinum model. We’ve loved witnessing and wearing the evolution of Lauren’s line from one-pieces, to bandeau tops, to mix matching new outfits that allow us to comfortably work the day to nightwear look.

NOw it’s your turn. Share with us what women-created and women-owned businesses are beloved parts of your life.