Top 7 Habits You’re Going to Want to Adopt ASAP

We are all doing our best to be healthy, but let’s be honest — we could all be doing more to be our best selves, both physically and mentally. 

But that isn’t always easy. Maybe you feel like you don’t have time to take things to the next level. Maybe you feel like you don’t have the energy to step things up. 

Whatever it is, don’t let roadblocks get in the way of you leading that healthy life you’re working hard to achieve. 

Because with just a few minor adjustments, you can make huge strides in your health. And when we say “minor,” we mean it. 

Here are the best healthy habits you are going to want to adopt ASAP to be your best self.

What are some healthy habits I need now?

1. Make your bed every morning

You are going to be surprised at how many people swear by making their bed first thing in the morning. A Navy SEAL shared in a speech that one of the most powerful things he learned during his service was how crucial making his bed every day was

Sounds weird, right?

Actually, it is giving your brain a small sense of accomplishment by getting something done before you’ve even stepped out of your bedroom. Starting off on that foot of getting things done will help you to be more productive throughout the day. Whether that productivity takes you to finish that project at work, or drives you to go extra hard at that workout, you are going to reap some stellar benefits.

2. Meditate

We aren’t the first ones to say it, but we are going to tell you again: meditation is going to change your life. Now if you’re thinking “I don’t have time to sit down and meditate for an hour every day,” don’t worry. Because we don’t really either. 

The good news is that you don’t need an hour. Even 10 minutes of meditation can make a huge difference in your daily life, both in the short term and in the long term. 

3. Track your water drinking

Did you know that you are supposed to drink half of your body weight (in ounces) of water a day? And how close do you think you are to reaching that goal?

Find an app that will help you track your water drinking to ensure that you are getting enough water. Many times when we find ourselves reaching for food, we are actually just thirsty.

So ensure that you’re only eating when you actually need to by either keeping count yourself of how much water you’re drinking, or by getting some help from an app.

4. Walk whenever possible

Instead of taking the elevator or driving, walk whenever possible. By adding just a few more steps into your day, you are going to get in that little bit of extra exercise. And, as a bonus you’ll save money on gas. 

5. Make a list of 6 things to do every day

The Ivy Lee method is a tried and true approach to making your day as productive as possible. 

And here’s the 411 on what this method is: simply put, you make a list of 6 things you want to get done that day (you can also do it the night before for tomorrow), putting them in order of importance. 

The hard part comes with sticking only to that list. Do not stray from what you put on there. And do not go onto the next item until you’ve completed the one before it. This will keep you hyper-focused and allow you to get soooo much more done.

Anything you weren’t able to finish that day, move on to tomorrow’s list.

6. Only engage in social media that boosts your mood

We have all gone down the rabbit hole of comment sections on Instagram, Facebook, really any social media platform. And we have also all come across people and posts that make us feel less-than. 

Thus, we suggest you adopt the healthy habit of only engaging with social media that makes you feel better. Because let’s be honest — most of us start our days by scrolling through Instagram, and you do not want your day to get off on the wrong foot by a post that triggers you. 

7. Don’t just show up physically to your workout, show up mentally too

Chances are good you’ve heard your Pilates Platinum instructors talk about that “mind-body connection,” and they are not lying to you.

When you do more than just show up to your Pilates class, you are going to get a very different experience, and in all the right ways.

By putting as much work in with your mind as you are with your body, you are going to take your workout to the next level and get a whole lot more bang for your buck. 

Ready to incorporate these healthy habits into your life?

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