Post-Pilates Platinum Refuel Locations in Brentwood

Nobody does healthy eating like L.A’s west side, so if you’re looking for a place to refuel and recharge after your pilates sesh in Brentwood’s, boy are you in luck! With smoothie bars and healthy eats on every corner, this fancy shmancy LA’s neighborhood knows what’s up when it comes to nutritious food. Take a stroll through the lovely tree-lined streets of Brentwood and hop into any one of these awesome spots perfect for recharging post workout.

Get ready to sweat, eat, and repeat with our list of favorite refuel locals this side of the 405!

Bon Appetit!



Simple, unpretentious (even for Brentwood) and full of goodness, Renovo is def. one for the top of your list! In this friendly no-frills place, you can find a delicious assortment of smoothies carefully crafted and inspired by The Zone Diet which balances carbs, healthy fats, protein, and sugar. With flavors like Matcha Mango Madness, Pina Colada, and chocolate banana, you’ll be quenched and delighted after your workout. Need a little boost in your day? Renovo’s got you covered. Offering immunity, energy, vitality, antioxidants, and even those essential omega 3’s, this place is all you need when you’re short on time and ready to refuel.



If you haven’t checked out Veggie Grill yet, you’re really missing out. V.G is one of those fabulous places where you feel like you’re cheating cause’ everything tastes so darn good, yet everything is veggie based, packed with nutrients, and oh so good for you! In a tiny little strip right on Wilshire Blvd. heading west from Pilates Platinum, you’ll find this bright, clean, and scrumptious little spot perfect for a quick lunch after your workout. Try the buffalo bomber for treat packed full of flavor, or stay on the lighter side of things with the quinoa power salad. And please, whatever you do, don’t leave without a side of their famous vegan mac n’ cheese – it’s heaven on earth!



In case you’ve been living in a bubble, the superfood craze has officially arrived, it’s not going anywhere, and this local cafe is offering a delicious way to get your superfoods on the reg! Superfoods are a class of organic plants with optimal levels of nutrients that are considered hugely beneficial for vitality, energy, blood pressure, and even instrumental in fighting cancer (and all you were trying to do was re-charge after class!) If you’re taking an early morning Pilates class, pop over for the vegan breakfast scrambles or even treat yourself to their gluten free pancakes (yum!) On the lookout for a deal? Aren’t we all! Anytime between and 8-11 Mon-Fri, you can enjoy 3 eggs any style, breakfast potatoes, 7-grain bread, and a cup of organic coffee for $9.99


  1.   EARTH BAR:

If you’re on the go, need to rejuvenate, and want something satisfying to sip on, make a pit stop at Earth Bar in Brentwood. Just down the road from Pilates Platinum, and frequented by many a west side celeb, you’ll always be in good hands when choosing this local joint. With smoothies like Radiant Skin (who doesn’t want that?) Blueberry Bliss (delish!), and wheatgrass shots to boot, you’ll walk out of there refreshed and energized and ready to take on your day.

Got something ailing you? Inflammation? A sleep condition? They might just have you covered with their special selection of condition-specific offerings.



Right in the heart of the Brentwood Village in a quaint little neighborhood strip, sits a small, inviting little storefront called Acai Nation that sell, yes you guess it, Acai bowls! Acai may not be the newest thing out there, but research shows that the acai berry is extremely high in antioxidants associated with the ability to lower cholesterol levels in the bloodstream and ideal for  providing cardioprotective benefits to our cells. And not to mention, they are oh, so delicious! On a hot summer day (and let’s face it, that’s almost any day in L.A), after a rigorous session of hundreds and teasers, it’s high time you take a stroll to Acai Nation and cool off and restore for the day!


Know of any fun fave Brentwood recharge spots we missed? Comment below and tell us your go-to’s and why!