Essential Oils Now Diffusing in Hollywood

We are so excited to announce that Pilates Platinum will now be sharing Young Living Essential Oils with you, our lovely clients!  Why?  Because essential oils support your overall health and wellness, and can help you with your fitness goals– and we’re ALL about that! (And we’ll even show you how to get some of your own!)

Essential Oils have been EVERYWHERE lately ~ have you noticed the buzz? From talk shows, to magazine interviews, these natural alternatives to toxic products you might find on the shelf at your favorite drugstore,  are making a serious comeback. If you’ve noticed, even celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow and Liz Tyler, to Kerry Washington and Gisele Bundchen are spritzing, lathering, inhaling and even SIPPING on essential oils! 

So, what’s the big deal? Why have these ancient remedies suddenly returned to the scene?

Firstly, it hasn’t been so sudden, Young Living has been around for 22 years and is the oldest, most reputable essential oil company in the US.

Secondly, essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that come to us straight from nature’s array of incredible plants and herbs– translated: they are safe.  As the population becomes more aware of the negative impact of chemicals on our planet and our own bodies, many people are looking for safe, non-toxic alternatives to products in their homes.

Thirdly, they smell DIVINE! There is no synthetic jasmine that holds a candle to the smell of REAL jasmine. And that’s what Young Living essential oils are, in essence– the actual plant— just concentrated and put in a bottle! 

Fourthly, essential oils help maintain a healthy body in countless ways by supporting your body’s systems. Young Living Oils are 100% therapeutic grade and can be applied topically, inhaled or even ingested, and they can replace toxic products in your home from Lysol to your hair serum that has 27 ingredients you can’t pronounce. 

So, why are we bringing Young Living Essential Oils to Pilates Platinum?? FOR YOU!!! Among the plethora of uses for essential oils, they are incredible for your pre- and post- workout bod!!  Here are the oils we have and WHY they will benefit you:

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We are launching our first Oils Kit in Hollywood, so be sure to “get oily” next time you visit and experience how they benefit your amazing body!  

And if you want to get your own Young Living Starter Kit, (we can’t recommend this enough!) just use our Wholesale Member Number and get a bargain on your Starter Kit today!