Pilates Platinum Morning Routine Series: Sam Rabon

Ever wonder how your instructor seems to do it all? They are always, happy, energized, motivating, look like they workout and eat healthy. Well, now is your chance to find out – this is our series on what our instructors do before noon and yes a lot of them see you too!
What Sam Rabon does before Noon!
Wake up at  5/5:30 am and immediately meditate for 15mins with One Giant Mind app.
Just 15 mins of mindful meditation helps me before the day gets hectic, whether it is teaching seven classes or getting the kids ready for school or both. The one Giant Mind app was created by a friend of mine in Australia. Johnny Pollard. It allows you select your length of meditation, guides you through some breath work with a mantra ( only prompting you at the beginning and end- which I love) and allows you to keep a journal.
Next is my breakfast shake and taking my vitamins. My breakfast shakes looks like this:
   1/2 frozen banana
   1/2 roasted sweet potato
    Coconut water
    Protein powder
    Almond butter
    Almond milk
    Flax seed oil
Then I make my coffee and run out the door to start teaching!
      2 shots espresso
      Warm homemade almond milk
      Teaspoon ghee
      Teaspoon Sun Potion Anandamine ‘ Bliss Alchemy’
Before I know it, it is noon and the rest of my day just keeps going!