Our Hearts Dropped in Mexico

An afternoon zip-lining is pretty thrilling

It’s Friday. What are you up to this weekend? Do you find your weekend to be a bit empty after the last holiday has died down a bit? Got your passport? Yes! Good! Hop in your car and head down the I-5.

Somewhere 1000 miles south of San Diego we found our heart skip a few beats in the second best way possible. No, we didn’t fall in love with a strapping Mexican fisherman. Rather, we soared through the canopy of lush foliage within a UNESCO protected biosphere. With Cabo Adventures we flew along the country’s longest (4,000 feet) highest, and fastest (60mph) zip line.

We’ve long loved zip-lining, having  zipped through Costa Rica and St. Martin already. But our new outdoor activity? Rappelling! The course we did ended awesomely with a rappel drop. Yep, we’re officially addicted.