Halloween Inspired Workout Pieces!

Halloween Inspired Workout Pieces!

Whether you’re into wild costume parties, taking your little pumpkins trick-or-treating, or staying in with friends to watch flicks, Halloween season brings out the festive side in all of us! So why not bring that fun fab Halloween spirit to your workouts? In need of a little inspo? We got you! Take a look at our list of favorite workout pieces that will take you from the studio to your Halloween celebration in style!

Don’t worry! You look spooktacular!



Channel the spirit of Halloween in this (dare we say cute?!) Skeleton Tank. This soft and simple racerback tank is handmade to order, and available in 10 different colors! The best part? This tee is made from American Apparel tanks – a favorite among cozy, slouchy, flattering workout tanks.



Slip on these cotton, polyester, and spandex infused Batman Motif leggings for workouts and hangouts! These knitted ankle-length leggings are cute, casual, and make a bold statement – so nobody can accuse you of not being in the Halloween spirit! Pair with a simple tank (orange if you dare!) and turn heads at the Pilates studio or at your scary movie night!



These lightweight and cushioned orange Mesh Nike Running Shoes are just the thing you need to turn up the dial on the Halloween fun! Offering comfort, ventilation, and classic style, these uber comfortable shoes will be your go-to pick for long runs and Halloween costume shopping! Pair with simple and stylish head-to-toe black, for a look that really pops!



Thought you were off the hook for Halloween workouts just ‘cause your knees need a little extra support? Think again. With all that extra candy at arms reach this month, you’ll want to stay  right on target with your Halloween workouts and Halloween style! So if your knees just need a little extra support during your workouts, as many of ours do, you can gain great support and look fab doing it with these Halloween-inspired Knee Wraps.



All skin and bones is not an attractive look – except of course when you’re dealing with  Halloween season! These super sleek Leg Bones X-ray leggings are cheeky, flattering, and right on target! Made from a blend of Polyester and Elastane, these stylish and spooky pants are so fun you’ll wear them all year long!

The Halloween inspirations are endless, so comment below and share some of yours with our fabulous community!