Our Obsession with Asian Beauty Products

We’re Obsessed with Asian Beauty Products!
How did we live before a time of BB cream?


Admittedly, we’re suckers for swag bags just like everyone else. Why? Besides the fact that everyone loves a freebie, we love it because they open up the opportunity for us to try out some beauty products we may not have known about otherwise. A while back we went to a Bella PR event at E.P & L.P and got to try out a few different products we’d never heard of before. Meet: DHC, which stands for Daigaku Honyaku Center. DHC was first known as a Japanese educational translation company until the owner, Mr. Yoshiaki Yoshida discovered some very special olive oil from the Nunez de Prado groves in Baena, Spain and it’s effects on skin and overall wellness.


This really spoke to our love for BB creams which are appearing everywhere by all kinds of American, Asian and European companies these days.


We know Japanese & Korean beauty products aren’t a new thing — America’s discovery / obsession with Asian beauty products dates back at the very least to those Oriental Pearl Cream commercials of the late 80s.  


Anyway, in case for some insane reason you don’t know about BB cream, it’s basically an all-in-one. As in, a foundation, sunblock, moisturizer, primer in a single bottle. It’s a light coverage tint and we are obsessed.

Also in the bag were these two products that literally have transformed our daily beauty regimen.


This deep cleansing oil has done wonders for our complexion and removing all traces of makeup — especially during our most hormonal times, and when we can admittedly be a little lazy.

dhc-astaxanthin-collagen-all-in-one-gel-120g-from-japan-6428e6e3de6b1c388b90b9511a4b649c (1)

And, our most favorite is the Astaxanthin collagen all-in-one gel has a super antioxidant called astaxanthin which is said to be 6,000Xs more powerful than vitamin C.