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Heather Dorak - Owner of Pilates Platinum

HEATHER DORAK ( o w n e r )

Pilates Platinum began shortly after Heather had experienced her first work out on a Megaformer, which is the revolutionary version of the pilates machine, the Reformer. Like many of her current clients, she fell in love with the work out and experienced amazing results after just a short time. Her passion for health and fitness inspired her to open her first studio in Hollywood in 2006 with a small goal in mind to introduce this amazing workout to the community. The phenomenon caught on very quickly, so much that she decided to expand her business and has since opened studios in Brentwood, Venice Beach and most recently Santa Monica.

Pilates Platinum is dedicated to creating a fun and energizing workout that is a journey for the mind, body and core. We believe that great customer service, a beautiful clean studio, state of the art equipment and amazing trainers are key to creating the best fitness experience for our clients. Through our passion for health, fitness and service we believe that each 55 minute class can be transformed into an amazing experience every time and will inspire our clients to achieve their personal fitness goals.

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Essentia Water - Pilates Platinum's Go To Water for Hydration